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TODAY ONLY (March 4th)

We got a large unexpected delivery of enough Farmers to Family Food Boxes available today.  It is in our parking lot if you have families that can use it please stop down and take what you can use.  They are working on unloading the last 10 pallets.


Captain Amber Imhoff
Washington Salvation Army


WASHINGTON COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES supports individual and family needs of Washington County residents in order to promote self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life.

Comprised of 6 agencies, we unite in the same goal of providing high quality health and human services to the residents of Washington County throughout their lifespan. Whether you are experiencing an emergent need or in need of long-term assistance, here you will find the agencies and resources you need, working together to provide a higher quality of life for you and your family.

Here you can find the agencies of service, information and resources available to you. 

From all of us here at Washington County Department of Human Services, we are here to help and it is our pleasure to welcome you.

For more information, please contact us at (724) 228-6995.


Note: The Washington County Department of Human Services (Aging Services, Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, Children and Youth Services, and Housing/Homeless Services) is in the process of relocating to the 3rd floor of the Crossroads Center Building at 95 West Beau Street, Washington, PA 15301 (view map).  Please utilize the below directory should you need further assistance.  Thank you.

Aging Services: (724) 228-6856

Behavioral Health and Developmental Services: (724) 228-6832

Children and Youth Services: (724) 228-6884

Housing/Homeless Services: (724) 228-6995

We are (currently) located at:

Courthouse Square
100 W. Beau Street, Suite 703
Washington, PA 15301

Ph: (724) 228-6995
Fx: (724) 250-6519


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